Carlos Camino

Trained in a catering school in Lima, he choosed after six years of professional experience in Peru a departure for France in 2003.
He multiplied different experiences in starry restaurants or not. It is in 2009 that he choosed to study again in a catering school in Lyon, in a way to have the knowledge of the language and all of his host country and also to master the cogs of the French institutions, with a focus, the opening of his own restaurant.
Once he had his diploma, he opened the doors of his Miraflores, in august 2013

He creates a French-Peruvian audacious cooking with sometimes very strong flavours and sometimes soft and delicate.

Native of Sierra at three thousand meters, where everything is at hand, tomatoes, quinoa, potatoes, hot pepper, herbs. He learns to cook with thousand-year old ingredients witch have a strong identity.
The Peruvian ingredients its his inheritance and Europe today discovers them, the dawning of the Peruvian cooking was for him an obvious fact.  With his coming in France he marries both cultures.

The seasons influence the products, the memories, nothing is fixed for its creative process.
He borrows nothing to the leaders who saw him working; he claims to be of no influence.
He follows its own desires witch sometimes confuse the customers. My cooking is like me,
loving freedom and without concession.

His unique style is the expression of a route witch is something made of fights and luck, but
always with a lot of work and honesty.

” I want to try to modified the look of the customers, both on my country of origin and the French gastronomy, generally. A cooking can be spiced and delicate, can be borrow of traditions and modern at the same time, can be of foreign and distinguished influence.
” I cook today, so that all people feel all this.”

” My objective from now on : to astonish and fill people of a great enthusiasm”

He obtained recognition of “Gault Millau”guide, with in its first year 2 toques, and receives in 2015 the best hope trophy Rhône- Alpes.


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